Bring About Technological Innovation


NBRD, which is a company that focuses on improving people’s quality of life through technological innovation based on a fundamental understanding of healthy and beautiful life, continues to grow rapidly through continuous research and development. The importance of drinking clean and healthy water is becoming more important to the public, so that the value of water that improve people’s health is increasing, and the value of the industry is attracting more attention. NRBD, which has been leading the present and the future, will lead the business.

Technological innovation

We will continue to be changed into a company leading the bottled water industry with a constant spirit of challenge in order to create products that provide the best value to our customers.


We realize our purpose to impress our customers, believing that one step ahead of the customers is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a better world for all of us.


As part of the clean green energy business that considers the nature and the environment, NRBD is committed to the energy business with the pride of being a member of the alternative industry for the depletion of fossil energy and environmental damage through the cooling and heating business using natural energy. In particular, we will develop further by the fact that the government provides us with various benefits and support for the supply of renewable energy through the Korea Energy Agency under the influence of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Solar Battery

It is a photovoltaic cell designed to convert solar energy into electrical energy and uses what photoelectron-motive force occurs by the photoelectric effect when irradiating light on the contact surface of metal and semiconductor or p-n junction of semiconductor. It is an eco-friendly power generation system that uses a solar tube that is a clean and unlimited energy source, and there is no emission of harmful substances or noise during power generation. It is also robust and durable, offering long service life and easy maintenance. Compared to other renewable energy facilities, installation period is shorter, so you can respond quickly to demand increase.

NO nuclear power

Nuclear wastes, occurred instead of obtaining power from a nuclear power plant, have a fatal problem to humans and the environment by emitting strong radiation.Now there has be no choice but to keep them sealed in a compartment made of a thick concrete as it is only possible to naturally dispose of the nuclear wastes through radiation collapse, and it takes about 100,000 years for these stored nuclear wastes to be completely safe. NRBD will continue to make efforts to develop environmentally friendly energy for the environment and the nature against the nuclear power generation which may cause great disaster by the fact that storage facilities are destructed due to natural disaster or unavoidable situation.