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NRBD supports businesses to successfully expand into global markets. NRBD will benefit your company by providing a full spectrum of global commerce, investment, and import/export compliance consulting services.
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NRBD boosts business development

Whether a large corporation or a small business that wants to develop its local market or to export its know-how abroad, NRBD puts a unique worldwide database at its clients’ disposal with its prospecting assistance tools and direct marketing solutions such as market analysis, sales mapping, targeting, internal database optimization, preparation of prospecting files, mailing, and emailing. NRBD can support its clients’ marketing and sales teams at each stage of their business development tasks.


NRBD.kr platform can offer effective solutions that enhance a pompany’s visibility on its sector of business and target markets either in local or for export.


Today, NRBD is a leader in the international trade community by providing consultations about quality on global commerce processes.


NRBD is committed to excellence with an outstanding service ethic. These vital standards have enabled the firm to extend its business in the global marketplace.

Research Buyer

Marketing Analysis

NRBD offer a wide assortment of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to address our clients’ informational needs.
The high quality Research that we offer is to provide information that will lessen the risk in decision making.
We are a competent decision maker armed with reliable and insightful information which has a very good chance of making excellent decisions.
Our research provides clients with top quality, and actionable information that will provide a foundation for making optimal decisions.