Distribution & Sales

Competitive In Domestic Market

We Import Various Goods.

Trade Show

We provide a high-quality service through the experience of world-wide trade show.

    Continuous contact with companies to be consulted in exhibitions at a client’s request

    √ Consult with clients for a smooth progress of the next exhibition

    √ Cooperate with the preparation work of clients, required for the same exhibition in the future


    Stage 1 exhibition service

    The investigation of exhibitions in which customers are interested and the application for its participation

    Stage 2 exhibition service

    General preparations for clients’ participation in exhibitions, the understanding of a trial of consulted customers after participation in exhibitions, and counseling service.

    Stage 3 exhibition service

    Participate in exhibitions as the name of clients instead of the clients, report on the overall progress of exhibitions to the clients after participation in exhibitions, and the notification of consulted customers’ information to clients.

Import Various Goods

Global marketing, trade consulting, import/export agency, overseas logistics, trade shows and conventions, manufacturing business, and etc.
through NRBD’s own know-how and differentiated networks We are making a successful business by securing the competitiveness of the company through various business fields.

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