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Export agency

Import agency


    √ Companies wishing to export products that are produced, manufactured, or handled (Utilizing NRBD’s own networks to find out importers and dealers)

    √ Companies that want to further activate their dealings with the export trade (Activation based on a successful experience of dealing with various companies in various countries of the world)

    √ Investigating the creditworthiness of dealers and understanding their tendencies (Investigate partner companies’ local creditworthiness and tendencies using NRBD’s networks, and report its results)


    Send trading-related letters about trading to or consultation ( Stage 1

    with buyers  

    Make a contract  (Stage 2

    L/C receipt and T/T payment (Stage 3

    Processing export goods (Stage 4

    Freight transportation (Stage 5

    Export declaration and customs/shipping (Stage 6

    Follow-up management (Stage 7


     Regularly investigating and contacting with companies wanting to trade 

     Understanding the market flow of regularly requested export items 

     Observing and managing trading trends of current trading companies 

     Keeping and organizing documents√

    (including essential documents to be kept) 


     Stage 1 export agency service

    The production of basic materials such as homepage or catalog for a preparation for export

    Stage 2 export agency service

    Overall export logistics work including data work for comprehensive export agency


    √ Companies that have desired items to be imported but have difficulties in finding customers (Utilizing NRBD’s own networks to find out sellers and manufacturers)

    √ Companies that do not have a smooth trading business with importers (Cooperating from a basic task to a high-level task through trading experience with various countries/companies for a long time)

    √ Companies that require the verification of inspecting imported goods (inspecting the quality of the imported goods as well as various factors affecting their quality)


    Stage 1) Consultation with customers

    Stage 2) Agency request / application

    Stage 3) Determination of agency types

    Stage 4) Contract for import agency

    Stage 5) Confirmation of price required to find exporters, and of samples

    Stage 6) Conclusion of import contract

    Stage 7) Payment

    Stage 8) Import declaration

    Stage 9) Customs clearance and transportation

    Stage 10) Follow-up management


     √ Regularly investigating and contacting with companies wanting to trade

     √ Observing and managing trading trends of current trading companies

     √ Keeping and organizing documents (including essential documents to be kept)


    Stage 1 import agency service

    Basic consultation for import (product-oriented consultation)

    Stage 2 import agency service

    Negotiation of transaction methods with product providers (long-term import plan)

Import Various Goods

Global marketing, trade consulting, import/export agency, overseas logistics, trade shows and conventions, manufacturing business, and etc.
through NRBD’s own know-how and differentiated networks We are making a successful business by securing the competitiveness of the company through various business fields.

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