We are competitive in domestic market we import various goods.

We are importing various goods from domestic corporations from all around the world. It catches the trend of the fashion and preempts quickly in the domestic market. In addition, we have participated in various categories of fair, while importing a variety of goods, which is not limited to clothing.
EMC Service

Export management

Our company provides EMC services.We aim at the international expansion of high-quality producers in Korea and at growing together with those companies.


We will never make a muff of the business because of money, thinking long-term business as if we raise a child.


We provide services for our customers to be able to get access to the basic inquiry by using services and global networks to investigate the manufactures or customers of the products after correctly understanding the products customer companies need.


Upon customer companies’ requests, a buyer survey provides services for customer companies and the most promising companies to be able to get access to the basic inquiry by using the existing data base and NRBD’s own global networks.


Without any agents, we not only directly contact our buyers and then collect information from them, but also provide export-related planning, invitation, flight, hotel, reception, after-event reporting, and follow-up management


We will achieve differentiated high trading performance by finding customized buyers that match the items and sizes from buyers of large companies to small buyers with a high purchasing power for individual businesses.

Progress Project


Completed Project


Waiting Project

Project Services


We will notify you of the progress of business when your company requests the import/export agency businesses.
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Services & Products

Our Clients

We are building sales networks all over the world from our headquarters in Korea which include channels such as Costco, E-mart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, C&U, and etc.. In addition to other local markets throughout the country after importing a variety of products from the USA, Europe, and many other countries around the world, based on our own logistics.